The Ultimate
Federal Pursuit Planner

If you are new to Federal Marketing, you may not be ready to invest in an expensive CRM system to manage your activities, so take advantage of this incredible tool from It’s A Go to help you get started!

Federal is just… well, different! It needs its own set of solutions.


  • Effectively track your opportunities
  • Align the calendar year with the fiscal year
  • Indicate your strategic opportunities to help identify where you should be concentrating your efforts
  • Easily move your dates to follow government milestones
  • Use it every time!

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    Take the stress out of federal pursuits!

    You see, I was always trying to “fit” my activities into tools that existed for other markets. Whether I had a fancy CRM, was using an online calendar, or was just trying to keep it straight with my notes, I couldn’t find an inclusive solution to help me manage my Federal efforts that kept me organized. I scrambled to prepare for meetings, lost track of important milestones, and struggled to prioritize the right BD activities.

    I’ve been there, and that’s why I created this custom solution to help me keep up with the pursuit milestones, moving dates, slow government decisions, and all the relationships I was building!

    This Ultimate Federal Planner was designed just for the business developer and capture planning leader.

    Federal is just…well, different! It needs its own set of solutions.